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Create Your Own Custom Decal - 800mm

Create Your Own Custom Decal - 800mm

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Create Your Own Custom Decal - 800mm

Please enter full wording including any www or .com/ in the box provided, You will receive exactly what is in the textbox so please check prior to checkout.

You will receive 1 Decal that is 800mm in length. (Height varies on quantity of characters used.) Please measure the area you are wanting to place the sticker. 800mm (80cm is approx the width of most rear car windows.)

✔Available in all colours.

✔5-7 years outdoor durability against the elements

✔Easy to apply with all instructions included

✔Can adhere to most surfaces, Car Windows, Caravans, Ute Trays, Trucks, Trailers, Laptops, Mirrors, Toolboxes, Mobile Phones and so much more....

 Please note: Item may appear larger or smaller in preview due to illustrative purposes. Check measurements prior to purchase to confirm correct sizing.

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